Warm and romantic candlestick

Dec. 19, 2019

Candlesticks are often paired with candles for decorative purposes. In addition to serving candlesticks, more candlesticks can also be used alone as part of home furnishings. Therefore, when choosing a candlestick, just right, not too much indoors. Crystal beautiful metal candle holders can add to the taste of home life. For a small amount of money, buy a variety of novel candlesticks to decorate the bedroom. With its wonderful shape and the beauty and aroma of candlelight, it often highlights the owner ’s taste, or displays it in Bogu On the shelf, well stored, it is also an elegant decoration of happy life.

Although there is less and less time for power outages, brighter and brighter protagonist days are becoming more common in home lighting. But nowadays, all kinds of candle furnishings have become hot items in various large home supermarkets. Brightness is no longer the main color of the home. In addition to deliberately creating the effect of soft lighting, the original took a touch of classic candlelight to become a wonderful pen for home decoration. On those anniversary days with special significance, it brought a lively and home Reiki's chic atmosphere makes your romantic creativity show to the fullest.

Small glass wax holders, combined with round wax blocks the size of bottle caps, can be freely combined into various meaningful patterns and texts; scattered in quiet places such as bedrooms and living rooms can make the room not need to look cold.

The tall and elegant octagonal metal candlesticks will unveil a new memory of romance for couples and couples. Beside the warm rose bouquet, the fresh light-colored candlesticks are silent, and accompany the innocence and sweetness of love in memory; the black candlesticks with solid colors but decorated with gold patterns are pompous and dignified, telling the loving couple that they have a stable life after entering middle age Warmth is an interpretation of self-confidence and tacit understanding on the journey of keeping together.

The combination of the glass cover and the flat wax is the only light on the way to the mysterious castle. Because of the tension of the secret encounter, you must become more shy under the flame of the swinging wax lamp. Although this is only a imaginary scenario, the combination of candles has such free plasticity.

Crystal Candlestick

Crystal Candlestick

It is understood that some of the wax jewelry types on the market are imported. The high-bottle candle with foam comes from India, and there are Indian-style imitation copper candlesticks that are sold and sold; some wax names are very special. The lemon and mango flavors are called fruit wax clams and the sea rhyme and In summer, these incense-filled waxes from the United States are from the United States. After the wax is ignited, various strange fragrances will be emitted from the burning flame; the glass wax cup and wax plastic are very delicate, and the glass wax cup is transparent. Various waxy small wax plastics are added to the wax, and the marine wax cup of shell sand can be placed in a transparent glass cabinet as a small artwork. Such wax decorations are mainly sold in large home improvement markets and large shopping malls, and the price is relatively high, which is more than one hundred yuan. In addition, wax jewelry can also be bought in large supermarkets and small commodity wholesale markets. The price is relatively cheap, under 50 yuan.