The Concept and Connotation of Sofa

Jul. 02, 2020

The word couch in English is derived from French. "It may have evolved from the French verb coucher (to lie down and go to bed). In any occasion, this furniture can be used for both sitting and lying. Archaeologists ’couches have no armrests and often have a soft pillow at one end. The couch was originally designed to sit, and also has armrests and backrests.

The sofa is synonymous with the couch. But it is generally mentioned that this kind of couch is used to sit. The origin of the word English is Arabic such-" bench". The sofa bed is a variant, and it can usually be turned into a bed by lowering its backrest to a horizontal position. The three-purpose sofa (studio couch) evolved from this form, which has a separate bed frame that can be pulled out from under the couch.

Modern Gold Metal Legs Sofa

Modern Gold Metal Legs Sofa

Davenport (dual-purpose sofa) is also synonymous with a couch or sofa. It is said that this is the name of a Boston furniture technician. He is good at wrapping with sofas. These sofas are of excellent quality and very fashionable, and are even called davenport. Another word used to express this kind of furniture is divan. Although the word divan is used in France today, it seems to have evolved from Prussian or Turkish to English. It should also be mentioned lounge. Although the pronunciation of the word is suspected in French, its origin is unclear. He has two functions of sitting and lying on the couch, one end is covered with armrests, and the other end is open.

The settee is developed from a bench. It can be considered as a very good bench. Benches and stools are extended in the direction of the chair, with armrests and backrests. This is the site. The settee is derived from Gothic and developed by Settle. Here. "The" sofa "referred to by foreign people generally refers to a three-seater seat, that is, a couch, which is a cushion with a backrest and armrests designed to accommodate two or several people sitting or lying on one person. China's chairs have been used to extend the "sofa" to all soft seats. In some places, the "sofa" has been renamed to "upholstered". In fact, the meaning of upholstered and sofa is the same.

A sofa in a narrow sense refers to a seat made of soft materials, wooden materials, or metals that has elasticity, has a backrest, and off-hand or no armrests. However, with the development of society and the progress of technology, the meaning of the sofa goes far beyond this category. Broadly speaking, all seats and sleeping utensils equipped with cushions or soft contact surfaces can be called sofas or the word "sofa", such as sofa stools, sofa chairs, sofa beds, etc. At the same time, the structure of the cushion is not necessarily a spring.

It can be composed of fillers such as elastic plant fibers, animal hair, foam rubber, and foam plastics, or it can be woven from knee skins and ropes, or it can be inflated or filled with water in a sealed softcover. It can also be compounded with the use of springs and elastic fillers. The central meaning of the sofa is soft, and its contact part with the human body has a soft contact surface. In order to distinguish it from other furniture, it is also called soft furniture collectively.

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