Have you ever seen such a delicate jewelry box?

Jul. 26, 2019

Have you ever seen such a delicate jewelry box?

It's so beautiful! Said the drawer glass jewelry box supplier.

Everyone in the purchase of gold jewelry stores will give jewelry jewelry box, so delicate jewelry box users have seen it? Almost every jewelry store gives a different box of jewelry.

The exquisite jewelry box you give depends on the amount of money you spend. If you spend a few hundred yuan, you will get a small cloth bag, plastic bag, etc. But if you buy fancy diamonds or gold ornaments or gold bars, the box is different.

Today's protagonist is this jewelry box. Have you ever seen such a delicate jewelry box? It's so beautiful. According to netizens, the material of the jewelry box is: gold plated brass alloy, the lid is engraved with plum blossom pattern and inlaid with two lapis lazis as decoration.

gradient colored multi-layer drawer glass jewelry box

So chic jewelry box adon is the first time to see it? Fashionable and retro jewelry box, some netizens said it looked a little like an ashtray, adon wanted to say it was a little like ah, so delicate jewelry box inside the bomb ash is not good too wasteful too extravagant.

Save it for your collection, but don't be an ashtray. Besides looking like an ashtray, this jewelry box also looks like that one. Internet users can guess.

It looks like an ashtray, but also like an aromatherapy stove, which is used for ink research in the four treasures of the study. Internet users can use their brains to figure out what else is similar.

It's the first time to see such a beautiful and delicate jewelry box. If you don't say it's a jewelry box, you really think it's an ashtray. It seems to be out of fashion.

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