Cleverly decorate your wall with a solid wood frame to make it look new

Aug. 08, 2019

Cleverly decorate your wall with a solid wood frame to make it look new! Shared by custom sizes photo frame factory.

1. The selection of picture frame should be fixed in style

When you choose to live in display, had better set a theme in advance, next all picture frame, photograph frame and picture frame can be around this theme to undertake.

2. Mixed old and new frame style

Want collocation only proper, the frame with different old and new style also can blend harmoniously together, such meeting appears very vivid. Note that different styles can use the same color to unify the overall effect. Photo frame supplier shares that Eggshell and satin wood are highly recommended by the designers here.

3. Use of black and white picture frame

If some family old black and white photos, don't throw them away, they selected, respectively, in black and white frame, several groups of hung on a wall, and black and white photographs often give a person a kind of nostalgia, deserve to go up again under some classical furniture and adornment, can make the corner shop to show a thick old amorous feelings.

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4. Go beyond the box

Decorate domestic environment with picture frame, photograph frame from time to time a big taboo -- do not put all inspiration wonderful think frame in inflexible manacle. With high quality Wooden photo frame that decorates for the theme is not certain to have similar element on every wall, contrary, you also can show your artistic grade simply with frameless picture, perhaps regard the box as a kind of additional kind adornment, highlight the gout of oneself extraordinary.

5. Make your own photo frame

Custom-made picture frame cost is not much, sometimes even can do it yourself, and the decorative effect that brings can let a person find everything new and fresh. For example, different shells are pasted on the picture frame to make a group of beach series. Download your favorite photos, enlarge and print them and place them in a uniform color frame to create a fresh Bohemian style.

6. The application of unconventional size picture frame

Want to decorate narrow space to be able to take the frame of unconventional dimensions. For instance, have metope to be less than half a meter to need to install a frame, stylist was custom-built a thin long frame to deserve to go up simple abstract picture to decorate, such effect does not know to want to be better than putting a small drawing how many.

Anyhow, clever use "frame", can add more chu na space to your home not only, still can show oneself at ordinary times most favorite collect, let a guest experience your distinctive savour and the place of intention to adornment detail.

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