How to Set Table Settings in the Home into an Art?

Mar. 03, 2020

Eat a comfortable meal, not only the food itself, but also an environment. That's why you will choose to dine in a small fish-and-fish restaurant, while sitting in a cozy star restaurant for hours.

If you can bring home an elegant dining environment and set the dining table interesting, wouldn't it be more interesting than going to a fine dining restaurant. Besides, you can save the silver in the purse and let your loved ones and friends taste your superb cooking skills. Isn't it killing two birds with one stone? Most importantly, the face value of the home will also rise in a straight line.

How to make home decoration items into art, so that your restaurant has a five-star sense of vision, look down?


The tablecloth is like a base makeup for a girl's makeup. As a base, it determines the style presented by the table setting. The tablecloths that can completely cover the dining table are more formal, the vegan pigments are not fancy, the cotton and linen materials are closer to nature, and they can support the scene, and the food and tableware will not show the status of noisy. It also has the functions of antifouling and heat insulation.

Table flag:

The table flag can be combined with a tablecloth or it can exist in a separate form. Generally, it will be placed on the centerline or diagonal of the table. The colors of table flags and tablecloths should be distinguished. The choice of table flags can also be matched according to the surrounding environmental colors.


Regarding the choice of tableware, there are endless brands and styles, but if you want a set of furnishings that will not go wrong, you can prepare pure white ceramic appliances. Pure white will give people a clean feeling, and can well complement the appearance and color of the dishes. However, the choice of patterns and shapes can be unlimited, and some new elements may be added appropriately.

Tealight Holder

Tealight Holder


Tableware can choose stainless steel products. It is recommended that you can try to design the tableware of the great master Liu Zongli and the classic series of the Portuguese brand Cutipol. Both styles are relatively simple, but they are also very versatile. No matter what style your table setting is, they can hold it.


And placemats can choose some unique colors, because white and any color are very versatile. However, it is best to choose a warm color for the placemat, so that it will look more appetite, and not more than two colors, otherwise there will be a messy visual sense.


In the selection of wine vessels, most of them are mainly transparent glass products, but before preparing the cups, the size and style should be determined according to the variety of Chinese, Western and wine.


In addition to ordinary plates, the presence of metal gold trays makes the dining table more textured. Usually it is mostly wood and ceramics, without the constraints of the border frame, it can show its own skill of the plate, and the good-looking is also an art, like completing an artistic creation. Who said that home feast PK but Michelin Samsung?


The most indispensable protagonist who wants to set off the mellow and beautiful color of the meal is the candle. For the selection of candles, you can choose a high-stick candlestick, a tealight holder (before using it, it is best to determine whether the customer is sensitive to the fragrance), or a combination of multiple candles to form a three-dimensional sense of high and low.


In addition to candles, flowers can instantly enhance the style of the table decoration, especially the fragrance of flowers and the aroma of food are combined together, and the romantic atmosphere is also uninvited.

When there are fewer people, you can choose upright and slender floral decorations, which will not take up too much area of the table; when there are more people, you can choose short cups to hold flowers and place them on the table. Thoughtfulness will not affect dining. If the home is a round table, flowers can be placed in the center of the table.

You can also choose what kind of decoration to place according to the size of the dining table in your home. For example, like small seasoning pots and small chopstick holders can be used as decoration on the dining table, this will also reveal the owner's nuance.