Photo frame use common sense and production process

Nov. 14, 2019

Use common sense

The photo frame is more delicate and needs care, because it is just for viewing, not for a tool, so how should we use and protect the photo frame every day?

1. Since the mirror picture frame is a structural thing, it can be moved infrequently. It is best not to move it.

2. The use occasions are indoors, it is best not to open the air.3. Avoid high temperature and long-term sunshine.

4. When cleaning, it is best to use alkaline cleaning agent, do not use washing powder water.

5. Be sure to clean the screen section and the fastening section regularly.

Production Process

First, the material is cut: the preliminary cutting and forming of the purchased wood or aluminum plate is carried out by a cutting machine, and the cutting is performed for further processing.

Second, stamping: One or more stamping processes for aluminum products are processed by a stamping machine to achieve the desired shape. For wood products, further processing and sanding are required after the cutting, so that the product properties are further improved.

Third, silk screen: put a trademark or slogan in the most conspicuous place of the product, in order to achieve better publicity and advertising results. At the same time, customers can also be personalized trademarks.

Fourth, baking varnish: This technology is used to make it more characteristic on some custom sizes photo frame, so that the effect of the product exceeds the characteristics of a single material, so as to achieve more vivid colors and more realistic effects.

Fifth, assembly: On a dynamic assembly line, thousands of products are assembled every day. The skilled craftsmanship of the workers ensures the quality of the product while it is assembled quickly.

Sixth, packaging, quality inspection: The packaging of the products is strictly in accordance with the needs of customers or international conventions, so that the products can smoothly pass the export procedures and inspection and quarantine requirements. After the product is formed, strict quality inspection is carried out on each batch of products, so that the products can truly achieve high quality from the source, ensuring the high quality of the products for buyers and consumers.

Metal Frame Glass Material Photo Frame

Metal Frame Glass Material Photo Frame

Color meaning

The color of the photo frame is getting more and more, and it's dazzling, but as long as you follow a certain color matching principle, it is still very easy to choose. Of course, color itself has no meaning, and some people only give it. But color can really affect people's psychology unconsciously, affecting people's emotions, so photo frame supplier add specific meaning to various colors:

Red: Strong, festive colors, it is easy to make people feel excited, it is a magnificent spiritual embodiment.

Yellow: The brightest color gives a feeling of warmth and splendor!

Green: Beautiful, elegant, giving people a sense of generosity and tolerance.

Blue: Eternal, broad, everyone can look at the sky! Give people a feeling of calm, rational.

Purple: Gives a feeling of mystery and oppression. A very strange color.