Not Only For Lighting x Metal Candlesticks

Jan. 17, 2020

Why do we still need candles when we have electric lights? From this point of view, candles seem to be used only for lighting before the advent of electric lights. Now mentioned, they are just old tools. But why are candles still available in stores today, and their shapes, colors, and fragrances are becoming more and more abundant?

Obviously, the role of candles is more than just lighting. Together with the matching candlesticks, it creates a wonderful connection between decoration and function. For example, compared with a set of beautiful candles and metal candlesticks, electric lights cannot let you This carefully prepared wine dinner becomes more romantic.

No woman does not expect to receive gifts and candlelight dinners, puts warm food on the table, turns off the lights, lights up the candlesticks, looks at each other in the bright firelight, and eats everything romantically.

I really like this graphic dinner metal candle holder. It has a sense of design, and the metal has a light luxury texture. It is also beautiful to put in the room without burning candle light.

The selection of candles can be free. White is more advanced. Try to choose basic models as far as possible, scentless and smokeless candles.

Some atmosphere creation is necessary to warm up the relationship between two people. Do not ignore the small rituals and moods in life because of the firewood. One candlestick, one candle, communicate a lot, and there is no way to resolve the gap. ?

As the main accessory of the candle, the candlestick not only plays the role of holding the melted wax and facilitates the movement of the candle, but also indispensable in the overall decorativeness. Their materials are diverse, metal, ceramic, glass ... Collected some metal candlesticks and enjoyed together.

At the moment when the light was turned off, the candlelight slowly illuminated the room, as if nothing had changed, as if everything had changed. Until now, it can be found in almost every European's home. Lit or just placed, it is the scenery in the corner of the house.

The biggest advantage of metal wall candle holders on the dining table is that they can scatter light from a high place, so that the light in the room and on the table becomes soft and natural. Enjoy dinner at the table, and the environment will become quiet. elegant.

Not Only For Lighting x Metal Candlesticks

Metal Wall Candle Holder

Edison made electric lights go to all corners of the world. The bright and convenient electric light instantly dims the candle, and the candle gradually loses its practical value. However, some people remain obsessed with the candlestick. The candlestick has become a part of their pursuit of quality in their lives. Mr. Givenchy is probably the person who has the most affection for candlesticks. Candlesticks can be seen everywhere in his private residence in Paris. On each wall, on the wall, on the table, on the roof, are candlesticks. Mr. Givenchy not only decorates with candlesticks, but also retains the functions that candlesticks should have. Each of his candlesticks has candles. When night falls, he will point one by one and watch as the brighter candlelights light up. His personal world.