Matching and buying tips for candlesticks

Nov. 28, 2019

The candlestick emphasizes the decorative function in modern home life. In different spaces, it is also very particular about choosing candlesticks that match the home style. So how to choose a candlestick? Let's find out with the metal wall candle holder supplier.

Candlestick home with

(1) Living room: The living room has always been very important as a living space for living. The selection of candlesticks in the living room is more extensive. In general, the choice of living room candlesticks is based on the living room style and the living room Furniture style to choose from. For example, if there are a lot of furniture made of wood, you can choose a simple candlestick made of iron or glass.

(2) Restaurant: The restaurant has always been one of the romantic spaces. The restaurant has always been very particular about the dining atmosphere. Red wine, candlelight, dinner ... and the romantic dining atmosphere is inseparable from the embellishment of the crystal candlestick. The most suitable place on the dining table is glass and crystal candle holders for "couples".

(3) Bedroom: The bedroom is a private and romantic place. The candlestick placed in the bedroom is more suitable for wall hanging, hanging or tabletop. The shape of this type of candlestick is very chic. It is matched with yellow and soft candles Bring the sweet romantic atmosphere in the bedroom to the extreme, and ignite the spark of chic and romantic life.

(4) Study: The candlestick placed in the study should be full of art and quality. Everyone knows that the study is an elegant and quiet space, and the candlestick placed in the study can choose upright ceramic or wooden candlesticks. Lighting candles in the study, the flickering flames, the scent of candles, warm the cold style of the study.

Metal Candle Holder

Metal Candle Holder

Candlestick shopping tips

(1) According to style: When buying candlesticks, if there are no requirements for the material, then you can choose a candlestick according to the style of the home. If the home is decorated in European style, then you can choose close to the choice of candlestick style. European style metal candle holder. For modern decoration, you can choose some simple candlesticks. If it is Chinese, then you can choose a vintage ceramic candle holder or iron candle holder.

(2) By price: In addition to the shape of the candlestick, the price of the candlestick is also one of the main points for everyone to buy. Generally speaking, metal candlestick are more expensive, but it does not mean that candlesticks made of other materials are cheaper. From the price point of view, it depends on the material used for the candlestick and the workmanship. More refined, but the price will be a lot more expensive, and when you buy candlestick decorations in the home, according to the different space to choose.