[Jewelry Box supplier]How to choose jewelry box?

Jun. 15, 2019

How to choose jewelry box?

Travel Portable Jewelry Box supplier shares that the jewelry box is used to place jewelry, and can be used as collection jewelry, jewelry packaging and jewelry gift box. The color of the jewelry box usually matches the color of the ornament. Gold jewelry, usually with red or gold jewelry boxes, or other warm colors. Platinum jewelry, with a cool tone of the jewelry box.

Along with the economic development of all kinds of jewelry for women now are indispensable, and buy more jewelry, but not every piece of jewelry is worn at the same time, save and inconvenient, which requires a good jewelry boxes to store, jewelry boxes can have the effect of protection act the role ofing is tasted not corroded, and how to choose jewelry box that is must have the skills, so, how to choose jewelry box?

Jewelry Box supplier

1, see practicality: practicality must be fully considered. The element that must have has cent case layer, make up lens, large capacity jewelry receives a box to want to have handle, such ability move conveniently.

2, the capacity (size) : there are many different kinds of jewelry boxes, different size, different sizes of jewelry boxes loading capacity is not the same, small jewelry boxes are pieces of jewelry, jewelry boxes are integrated all jewelry, jewelry, so girls had better choose a bit bigger jewelry boxes, but must understand the oneself before choosing the size of the dresser.

3, see material pledge: first is the pursuit of material, environmental protection, design restoring ancient ways, a kind of advocate natural trend, among many material, glass material is a good choice, glass jewelry boxes style diversity, can reflect, restore ancient ways, personality is more representative female aesthetic and taste, glass jewelry boxes is absolute favorite.

4, look beautiful: color and style determine whether the jewelry storage box is beautiful or not. Now there are popular retro design elements.

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