How to use the jewelry box to quickly attract customers?

Sep. 29, 2019

Jewelry packaging appearance is a brand concept and influence on consumers, and also a means to achieve the value of goods and the value of use. The materials and appearance of jewellery packaging are complementary and interdependent. The choice of packaging materials will have different effects on the design of the appearance and the image of the goods.

For MDF jewelry box, not only must they have the function of protecting goods and conveying the image of goods, but also the function of upgrading the grade and added value of jewellery. In order to quickly attract consumers' attention, many jewellery merchants will continue to try new methods in the design of packaging boxes in addition to the design of jewelry. So how can we quickly attract the attention of consumers?

How to use the jewelry box to quickly attract customers?cid=3

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First, the structural design

The basic design of the packaging design of the jewelry box is to consider its structural design, which is its most basic structure. In the structural design of the jewelry box, you need to consider:

(1) The grade positioning of jewelry mainly involves the design and material selection of jewelry boxes. In the same grade jewelry packaging, the materials selected should be guaranteed to be the most economical and environmentally friendly;

(2) The characteristics and accessories of jewelry, mainly related to the box design and lining selection of jewelry;

(3) meeting the basic requirements of packaging;

(4) the corresponding packaging test to ensure that the packaging has a certain strength, enough to protect the jewelry;

Second, the material selection

For jewelry boxes, the most common packaging method is the heaven and earth cover. For the design of the heaven and earth cover, the most taboo is that the lid and the bottom of the box are recessed inward. Therefore, when selecting materials, attention should be paid to the stiffness of the materials used for the lid and the bottom of the box. Generally, materials that can be selected include gray board and fiber board. Due to the differences in each material, the corresponding dimensions and specifications will vary.

Third, contextual design

With the increasingly fierce competition in jewellery, the design size of jewellery boxes needs to pay more attention to cater to consumers' consumption needs and habits, and flexible adjustment according to the use scene has become a new trend in jewelry box design. For the design of the jewelry box, it should not only provide a variety of different size packaging solutions for the consumer experience, but also should be placed in the consumer's consideration of the convenience of the package size and the use of the scene, the comfort of the match.

The design of a jewellery package is a design that combines the shape, pattern, and color of the product, and is itself part of the product. Consumers can attract their attention through the appearance, pattern, and color of jewellery packaging, which in turn causes consumers to purchase products. Jewelry packaging is becoming more and more important as a means of publicity, and the customer's gaze time often determines your sales. Can your jewelry packaging focus on your eyes?

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How to use the jewelry box to quickly attract customers?cid=3

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