How To Choose Sofa Color? How To Match Furniture?(Part 2)

Apr. 10, 2020

3. Green Department

The small fresh color of mint green must be the love of literary youth. The green makes people see the vitality, and the mint green with less saturation is more pleasant, with a comfortable pillow lying down as if placed on Like gentle water, everything is faint.

The fresh grass green is a symbol of nature, bringing more vitality to the living room, and the addition of nature's murals and green plants is even more harmonious.

4. Blue

Blue is embellished with pillows of brilliant colors, which makes the home environment more specific and prominent. The calm blue to the deep blue sofa is matched with the gray background wall. There is an indescribable silence, as if entering its own small The world is isolated from the world, everything becomes very slow, do what you like and immerse yourself in your space.

Lazy Boy Sofa For Sale

Lazy Boy Sofa For Sale

3. How to make the sofa color of the living room look good? Metal legs Living room sofa supplier introduces several methods for you:

1. The same color matching method

The same color matching method is a matching method that gradually changes the colors of the same color system according to the color system of the room around the sofa, such as light blue + dark blue, blue purple + blue, etc. The way to come.

It can match the layered sense of the same color, and it will not appear dull. This method is simple and not easy to make mistakes.

2. Cool and warm colors

Living room sofas are very good choices for matching cold and warm colors, such as: purple and yellow, coffee and beige, yellow and green, etc., it should be noted that the color difference should not be too large, too dazzling. The effect of this kind of combination is generally more lively.

4. How to choose the color of the sofa?

1. Harmony with the living room area

If the living room is large, wide and well-lit, then choose bright colors such as large flowers, red, green, and squares.

If the living room area is small, you can choose fabrics with small patterns and bright colors. The living room of the SOHO family can consider a sofa bed with both sitting and lying functions.

2. Harmony with matching furniture colors

The color and materials of the sofa should be the same as other furniture in the living room. If the TV cabinet and coffee table plan to use walnut, even if the sofa is not the same color, the best should be the same color system, and the armrests and sofa brackets are also best in walnut; if the other furniture in the living room is metal or glass Yes, the sofa armrests and brackets are also preferably metal, and the color of the sofa can be dark or light.

A set of lazy boy sofa for salecan make happy and sweet smile overflow the whole space; a set of sofa can show your attitude towards life; a set of sofa can show your taste of life.