How to design a custom jewelry box?

Jan. 03, 2020

Jewelry boxes are an indispensable part of jewelry sales and an external promotion form. Creative jewelry box designs are not only a beautiful coat for jewellery entering the market, but also an effective way to reflect the value of jewellery and enhance customers' desire to buy. Then what factors need to be considered in the design of jewelry boxes to promote sales, today's jewelry box suppliers will explain to you from the following aspects.

1. Jewelry packaging box design should be based on "products" and the characteristics of the jewelry itself, and determine the packaging form according to its volume, shape, material, style, grade, style, and content. Shaping the personality and temperament of the brand fully reflects the attributes of the product.

2. Jewelry packaging box design should be "market oriented". Before the design conception, it is necessary to conduct relevant market research, fully understand the market situation, and obtain the freshest design ideas from market feedback information.

3. Flannel jewelry box design should be centered on "consumers". The design is to promote consumer purchases. Therefore, we must fully consider the needs of different consumer groups and study their psychology. Based on market research, we have targeted Design sexually. The style and emotional expression of the packaging must meet the age group, level and aesthetic taste of the target group, so as to resonate with it.

4. Jewelry box design takes "material" as the main point, and choose to be able to fully protect the goods. The choice of packaging materials must not only consider the shape and color of the packaging, but also solve the problems of structure, material, cost, and technology. Especially jewellery, their value is more expensive, and they are easily damaged. Therefore, the functional requirements of the packaging are relatively high. Good materials and structures can avoid physical and chemical damage to the utmost extent. Better storage and protection.

Colorful Jewelry Box

Colorful Jewelry Box

The heart of beauty is everyone's nature. Showing your own beauty is not only an attitude to life, but also a respect for others. And every beauty-loving woman has a "secret kingdom" hiding her mood and story, that is, a woman's jewelry box.

Jewelry boxes (boxes), also called makeup boxes, treasure boxes, storage boxes, makeup boxes, vanity mirror boxes, are mainly used to store gold and silver jewelry and jewelry boxes. They are the most personal and favorite items in ancient China.

The jewelry box is a woman's long-accompanied object, and as she grows older, it will still look like her first sight. Just like the beauty in the old days, gentle and gentle, amazing times.

The jewellery box is plain without carving and rectangular. One wood and one device, the whole MDF jewelry box is made of the same wood, the material is red rosewood, the production process is elegant, simple and elegant. The whole device is not carved, decorated with the beauty of wooden texture, the grinding is delicate, the materials are exquisite, and the unique beauty of the big red rosewood is displayed to the fullest. Endlessly. The front of the box is decorated with a copper square leaf and a Ruyi cloud head brand buckle, which can be padlocked. Open the lid of the box. There is a single layer of space inside the box, which is divided into four compartments to summarize different types of small pieces of jewelry; the bottom layer is used to place large pieces of jewelry. The box as a whole is hard and fine in texture and smooth in texture.