How to Choose Sofa Color? How to Match Furniture? (Part 1)

Apr. 03, 2020

The personality of a space can be shown by the color of the interior furniture, and a creative sofa design can highlight the personality of the living room and the personality of the owner.

The year is approaching, choosing a creative sofa suitable for the living room space, while adding beauty to the interior, it can also reflect its distinctive taste.

Seeing this, surely many people will ask, what color sofa should we choose? What color sofa is good for the white wall? What kind of sofa looks good with dark wood floors? What color sofa is the most versatile? Velvet footstool supplier believes that the color of the sofa should be matched with the overall style of the living room, and the color of the sofa should be selected. The following principles are indispensable!

Two Seat Sofa Chair China

Two Seat Sofa Chair China

1. Color determination principles for two seat sofa chair china

Principle 1: Determine the color of the subject

As the main body of the living room, the sofa does not choose any color you like! The key depends on the main color of the living room. If the main color of the living room is not determined, don't worry about buying a sofa!

Note: The three main color plates in the living room: wall, floor and curtains. Before these three color plates are determined, do not choose the sofa. After the main color of the living room is set, choose the sofa color according to the overall color.

Principle 2: Colors cannot exceed three

In the living room, sofas, walls, floors, and curtains are relatively large areas. If these plates are all different colors, the space will become particularly messy, without a sense of overallity.

Note: The color of the sofa should be based on the overall color. At the same time, the principle of not allowing the entire living room to exceed three colors should be observed to ensure the consistency of the living room colors.

Ensure the color of the living room is consistent.

Principle 3: Set the color according to the wall

The overall color tone is determined, and the principle of not exceeding three colors is observed. The best way is to set the color according to the wall.

The simplest matching according to the color of the wall is: the principle of color matching of light walls, ground, and furniture, that is, the color of the wall is the lightest, the floor is darker than the wall, and the furniture is the darkest. Only with layers can the overall vision be more harmonious.

Second, the effect of different colors of the sofa

1. Yellow & Orange

Yellow is a symbol of vitality and movement, and the bright colors represent a happy atmosphere, but also can attract your attention, bring a touch of stimulation and enthusiasm to the dull and monotonous room, if you choose a yellow sofa in the living room, it will definitely bring you Good mood for a whole day!

Orange is more mature than yellow. If yellow is a cardamom girl, orange is a mature woman. It is not public, but it is gorgeous and steady, and it also makes the living room fresh.

2. Pink

Pink symbolizes sweetness, innocence and romance. The gentle colors make people feel relaxed and relaxed. The pink sofa with white background wall and decorative paintings look clean, bright and warm; matching with green plants enhances the layering of the room.