How do Curtains and Sofas Match Colors?

Apr. 24, 2020

The quality of the two seat sofa chair china will directly affect the decoration effect and living experience of the living room. For the living room, the fewer the room decoration colors, the better, so that the overall environment will look simple and clear Some, mostly light colors or neutral colors, use dark colors with care if you accidentally make the living room dull.

Sofas and curtains are two important pieces of home decoration items, and the match between them is directly related to the value of the entire living room. The sofa is the center and focus of the living room, but if you want to make the sofa fit into the living room environment perfectly, you have to work hard on the choice of color. In the choice of the color of the living room sofa, it can be matched with the overall decoration of the home, or it can be coordinated with some key elements, or it can stand out without considering any combination ... Today, metal legs Living room sofa supplier teach you the color matching skills of curtains and sofas in the living room, and learn to match yourself.

Two Seat Sofa Chair China

Two Seat Sofa Chair China

1. Curtain and sofa are the same color

The sofa is gray, and the curtains can also be matched with gray, which will be more uniform visually and will not go wrong. If you are worried about being too monotonous, you can add two bright (bright yellow) pillows.

The light green curtains give a refreshing feeling, and the dark green three-seat sofa is also very harmonious. It is also green, but the saturation is different, and the sense of hierarchy is also there.

2. Curtain and sofa hit the color

Many young people like eclectic contrasting colors, such as rose red sofas, orange curtains, and mint blue walls. These highly saturated colors match together to create an artistic pop wind.

The light saturation of low saturation is also very bright. The smoky pink sofa and the Morandi green curtains are fresh and artistic.

3. Curtain and sofa have primary and secondary collocation

Sofas and curtains, one as the main color and the other as the background color combination, are also common. For example, a beige sofa with bright yellow curtains.

Purple sofa with beige curtains.

Grey sofa with pink curtains.

Black sofa with green curtains.

Beige sofa with orange curtains.

Beige sofa with dark blue curtains.

Among these combinations, one is a low-key and versatile neutral color, and the other is a high-key and dazzling embellishment color.

4. The wild combination of curtain and sofa

White curtains can match any color sofa.

The gray sofa can be matched with curtains of any color.

Have you learned the above skills about matching sofas and curtains?