Home decor small items --enhance home level

Oct. 31, 2019

Everyone wants to make the home decor beautiful, whether it is a busy office worker or an elegant literary woman. Many people may not be very satisfied after the renovation, but they can't be re-decorated. However, they can be replaced or added with some decorative objects to enhance the beauty of the living space and let it slowly approach the look they like. Mirror photo frame supplier China recommends ten pieces of home furnishing items for you, small objects, and instantly upgrade the level of the home.

Geometric carpet

The carpet in the living room is an artifact that can instantly enhance the beauty of the living room. Whether it is wooden floor, ceramic tile or concrete floor, the carpet can ablate the chilly feeling of the ground, bringing more comfort and comfort. At the same time, the carpet can also play the role of dividing the space, making the living room layout more layered. The color carpet is more difficult to match. The solid color carpet is too boring and boring. The most fashionable one is a geometrically textured carpet. The untidy hand-painted pattern adds a bit of gentleness, and is simple and versatile.

Decorative paintings

Decorative painting is an indispensable ornament in the furniture environment. Look at the high-end home furnishings, how many are not hanging a few chic decorative paintings on the wall? The choice of painting is also very particular. The best of course is the original art, this is not a collection of the collection level; the second is to hang some prints, including illustrations, photography and posters. In fact, the minimalist decorative painting is a small object that enhances the taste of the home, and can be used to match the tasteful home environment with simple colors. You can custom size photo frame and put your decorative painting in the photo frame.

Photo Frame

Photo Frame


Many people will collect some beautiful little things, place them everywhere and messy, why not combine them and become part of the home decoration? As long as there is a ledge shelf, the shelf is sleek and simple to use, and now many fashion small families will use it, whether it is in the storage or enhance the home force is the best choice. The most suitable thing for the homeowner's collection. Simple, lightweight, convenient, beautiful and practical, it will soften the square wall space.

Creative table

The small round mirror fancy table is not only a small piece of light furniture, but also an important decoration in the home space. They are lightweight and flexible, and they can be moved around in your home space and can be found wherever you need them. Whether you want to move to the bed and read the books before going to bed, or to eat the best window in front of the sun for breakfast, a mobile small side table is your most loyal partner. The small and cute, simple and fresh small side table is very fashionable and is a small object that enhances the taste of the home.

Industrial wind light

Industrial wind lamps have a chilled metal skeleton and unconcealed holes. Its design is simple and easy to use, and it can quickly integrate into different styles of home environment. Putting a glimpse on the table, the surrounding space seems to be lit up. It is best to be very creative industrial wind lamps. Through the geometric lines, lamp holders and creative design of the lamp body, it can bring out the extraordinary texture. While satisfying the practicality of the lamp, the space is given to the simplicity, and the whole home is full of style.