8 tips for hanging picture frames and pictures!

Aug. 16, 2019

8 tips for hanging picture frames and pictures shared by Custom Mirror Picture Frame Supplier.

1. Picture combination in composition

Now let's talk about how to hang a frame for this kind of design. First, have a composition in mind and use it as a guide. Make sure the frames are placed at the edges of the imaginary composition so they look neat and beautiful.

2. Flexible arrangement

Want to keep changing shapes and combinations? Install a partition! Then you can add a picture frame or picture frame to the top of the partition, and no hammer or nail is needed to change or rearrange it.

3. Hang them in unusual places

Not enough wall space? Never mind, try to use some unexpected corners. For example, hanging the custom sizes photo frame in the narrow front not only makes the room look more beautiful, but also maximizes the use of space.

home decoration mirror picture photo frame

Home Decoration Mirror Picture Photo Frame

4. Choose large paintings

It's very impressive to hang large paintings, which not only highlight the large space, but also make the whole room shine with the theme of the painting.

5. Make the front your scrapbook

If you turn the wall into a scrapbook, you can see your favorite objects every day, whether it's a combination of picture frames or anything else, and get inspired to create a beautiful look.

6. Soft spatial details

Hard lines in architectural Spaces, such as doors and furniture, also serve as design references. Hang High Quality Wooden Photo Frame or stick decoration sticker to soften the building space.

7. Use the bottom line smartly

Draw a straight line on the bottom line of the wall space, and combine and arrange a large number of picture frame works on this line. Pay attention to the bottom line as the boundary, spreading up and out on both sides.

8. Hang from the top line

Hanging picture frames in staircases can turn boring Spaces into art galleries at home, or draw a top line anywhere in your home to organize groups of hanging picture frames.