What is the Focus of High-End Solid Wood Photo Frames?

Mar. 07, 2020

Solid wood photo frames have always been loved by people, especially some antique lovers, retro-style lovers, and small fresh dress up lovers. The reason why solid wood photo frames are popular is that the wood is the closest to nature, with other woody flavors that cannot be copied, and is environmentally friendly and durable.

In the past, solid wood photo frames were widely circulated abroad, mainly because wood is naturally scented. Most people with taste in foreign countries like retro styles, especially high-end solid wood photo frames are particularly popular in families with high assets because high-end solid wood photo frames are status The symbol of the heavy weight of time carried by solid wood is unmatched by ordinary photo frames.

Mirror photo frame is about wooden materials. The quality of the wood is the key to the quality of the frame. Good white wood is delicate and solid, resistant to stubbornness and difficult to deform, while the lesser wood is just the opposite. The price is natural. It also differs a lot. Good materials for high-end solid wood photo frames are generally made with plaster molds. These molded wood can be used to make a variety of high-end picture frames and frames.

Secondly, the lacquer work of high-quality wooden photo frame is also very important. High-quality and highly-technical wood pays attention to the color of the wood. It is durable and does not change color, but the next lacquer will look quite old in one to two years.

In addition, the wood texture of the high-end solid wood photo frame is clear, and it will make the photo frame have a special taste. With appropriate photos, smells and images appear in a small wooden frame at the same time, time will produce a sense of chaos, as if looking In the past few hundred years, the sense of crossing has become even closer to nature.

Some people like to use high-end solid wood photo frames to make photo walls. The high-end solid wood photo frames that choose to make photo walls are suitable for simple and generous styles, fine and solid lines, fine paintwork and good texture frames. At present, there are many types of high-end solid wood photo frames on the market. You need to choose a photo frame according to the mood, color, content, decoration, size, etc. of the frame. The texture, size, color, etc. of the photo frame are also very important. Or classical or luxurious, it depends on personal preference.

The prices of high-end solid wood photo frames are different. When buying in the market, you need to pay attention to the quality of the wood. When you customize it, you need to ask for materials so that you can buy the most suitable photo frame.

Mirror Photo Frame

Mirror Photo Frame