Simple candlestick, amazing home beauty

Sep. 16, 2019

Simple candlestick, amazing home beauty.

When bright it is the mass-tone attune that lives in no longer, besides the effect that makes downy lamplight painstakingly, the window that taking a few minutes of classic candlestick to become household in delicate. In the memorial day that has special meaning in those, brought elegant chic emotional appeal to the home, the romance that adorns a piece in smooth shadow, more moving than love talk.

Shadows flickered, brass candlesticks

When the merry-go-round of the girl's heart is integrated into the candlestick, romance does not need words to foil what, just by virtue of the crystal beautiful metal candle holder in the light and shadow of the moving figure, can be connected with the heart of the beloved.

The metal that sways on candlestick is hanged act the role of, sending out distinctive and distant burnish, project on the wall a blurred grace, bring a vision to bring magical general wallop.

Creative Christmas tree shape candlestick rotating candlestick, hollowed out snow more delicate, bring thick festive atmosphere. After the candle is lit, the rising hot air rotates with the candlestick, creating a dreamlike moment of light and shadow. The elegant fairy metal pendant of the European rotating candlestick glows in its candlelight. As the candle burns, the air created by the rising flame slowly rotates the blades. Quiet night, holding a cup of lime, light a candle, see the candlestick rotation, and love each other's long talk, full is happiness!

crystal beautiful metal candle holder

gold candle holder

Fresh and natural, wooden candlestick

Like the European style Crystal candlestick, it seems that wood and candlelight cannot coexist in a pair of couplings, but in the creation of modern technology, they can also make a perfect match.

The lumber set off that contains natural breath is wearing candlelight, need not conformism, want a little emotional appeal and intelligence only, can make the same score for the life inadvertently add a warmth and romance.

The tree candlestick and bird's nest are made of natural tea tree branches. They are made of natural materials. No matter they are put in the courtyard or on the balcony, they all give people a feeling of bathing in nature and enjoying the sunshine. Let emotional appeal casual overflow in the home.

Vintage wooden candlestick is made of natural rotten wood, preserving the natural quality of rotten wood and highlighting the simplicity and generosity. Steel wire frame, the combination of nature and modern fun. Unique round wax bowl design, original intention, natural simplicity, clever.

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