​Design features of various watch boxes

Jun. 21, 2019

Design features of various watch boxes

Custom jewelry ring box supplier China shares that the most common watch box is the clamshell watch box, the world cover watch box and book box. And the design features of these boxes are distinctive.

Clamshell watch box:

To form a clamshell shape of the watch box, the best way is with hardware buckle, including hinge buckle, spring buckle, seven word buckle, embryo selection has the best glue embryo, followed by wood embryo, paper embryo; Paper blank to make the clamshell can not buckle, on the whole is still better than plastic blank and wooden box.

Watch box with heaven and earth cover:

This shape of the box, which is the most common way of packing, simple basic we are on the side of the road or some small shop, see all of this type of packaging, because the material takes up less, artificial manufacturing expense is quite small, prices are generally much cheaper relative to the clamshell box, there are also some high-end watch rubber pieces chosen as the shape of heaven and earth, relatively straight to box.

Book watch box:

Type box as the name suggests is a bit like a book, but also for the clamshell shape, is usually in the open, apply to the belt of the watch, the display effect is better, including product transportation method is also the most appropriate, give him such a shape that the most suitable manufacture to the express package, because space can be done in a very good spacing, the effect will not affect him.

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