[Jewelry box for sale]What are the layouts of home decorations?

Jun. 13, 2019

Custom jewelry ring box supplier China shares that besides the choice of adornment style in household adornment plan, what can reflect household adornment effect most is household adornment find a place for. Household soft outfit adornment can reflect host to taste a characteristic more. Below let's look at the home decoration placement skills and decorative style have what it.

The style of home decoration

The sitting room of Chinese style places an article to be able to be bought everywhere, for example the vase of archaize, the flower wearing of sandalwood, delicate China, still have delicate woodcarving, these are more appropriate Chinese style and classic adornment style, about law degree palace adornment program also is built quite.

And western-style sitting room puts pieces, for example canvas, figure sculpture, the character of ou shi rural wind and animal, iron product and glass handicraft and coloured pottery, put in the sitting room of western-style adornment style appropriately, foiled integral style very well already, make the deck of meantime again.

Modernist decoration mainly refers to works planned by contemporary artists. Generally, western colors are relatively rich, such as some iron flower racks, western flower baskets, modern household ceramic decoration, stainless steel sculpture, snowball, plastic lining products, etc., and Chinese style is the majority of classical decoration.

Classical decoration is more suitable for the elderly, prudent, elegant and atmospheric, highlighting their high mountain and flowing water like the smell of the years, better foil in the home of the high reputation.

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Home decoration placement skills

1. Symmetrical, balanced and reasonable placement

Want to live in adorn article a few home to act the role of combination to be together, make it becomes a part of visual focal point, symmetrical balance feels very important. When there is large furniture around, the order that put should be exhibited from high to low, appear in order to prevent a sense of incongruity on the vision. Or it is to insist the center of gravity that two adorn article is common, for example, the lamps and lanterns with identical two designs juxtapositions, trick of two colour and lustre is identical hold pillow side by side, such not only can make harmonic rhythmic feeling, still can give a person auspicious and sweet feeling.

Additional, put adorn article before small after big division is able to outstanding the characteristic of each adorn article distinctly, on the vision can feel very comfortable.

2. Find a place for home decoration should be combined with the home overall style

Find out the general style and color first, according to this consistent tone to place is not easy to make a mistake. For example, about the home planning, planning sense of home decoration is very suitable for the characteristics of the whole space; If it's a natural country style, it's all about the natural style.

3. You don't have to display all your household accessories

The average person in placement often wants everything to be on display. But put too much to lose characteristic, at this moment, can act the role ofing in the home first classification, same characteristic is put together, need not be anxious to show completely. After classification, can replace according to season or festival find a place for, alter different home mood.

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4. Start with small household ornaments

Place act the role ofing, hold pillow, desk towel, small hang adorn the small and medium article such as act the role ofing is the most simple find a place for sheet to taste, find a place for a novice to be able to start from these first, disperse gradually again large furniture decoration. Small household ACTS the role of article often can become the focus of the vision, can reflect master be fond of more and be fond of.

5. Home cloth art is the main point

Every season has the household cloth art that attributes to different color, picture, no matter be the print cloth of color dazzle beautiful, still be rich silk, romantic bud silk, need to change the household cloth art of different style only, can commutation gives different household style, more economy than changing furniture, simpler end.

The color department that the home ACTS the role of cloth art should cause deploy all the more harmonious, enhance the integral sense of the bedroom. The hard line in household and cool color, can use cloth art to come soft change. Spring geographical location, choose fresh flowers picture, spring is full of vitality; Summer geographical location, choose fresh fruit or flowers pictures; Autumn, winter, can change the plush pillow, warm winter.

6. Flowers and green plants bring anger

Want to be occupy the home to bring in big natural smell, placing a few flowers and plants in the home is again simple do not pass method, especially change of seasons find a place for, the flower is more important, different season can have different flower, can build the dimensional affection that gives the sky is different season.

Above is about the placement of home decoration skills and decorative style of the relevant knowledge introduction, hope to love the placement of home decoration people have some help. Good household settles down to bring to us not only is sensory go up cheerful, more can healthy happy body and mind, rich mood that occupy the home. Should have gotten so tight link between household act the role ofing is tasted and daily life, easily change garments according to the change state of mind.

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