Comparison of Fabric Sofa and Leather Sofa

Apr. 17, 2020

The utilization rate of the sofa is second only to the bed in the furniture, so it is also called the second bed in the home. Which are the most popular fabric sofa and leather sofa on the market? Metal legs Living room sofa supplier will share with you:

Round1. The majesty and style produced by the luxurious leather sofa are hard to match with the fabric sofa. If the interior decoration is gorgeous, you may choose the leather sofa, which looks elegant and elegant.

Compared to the generous and elegant leather sofas, the two seat sofa chair china is now rich in colors and many patterns, which can create a variety of styles for the living room, such as warm and romantic or fashionable and simple, full of personality. And the fabric sofa is more soft and changeable and can be changed according to different fabrics, color combinations, patterns and so on.

Round2. Material contrast There are many kinds of fabric sofa fabrics, such as silk and satin fabrics. The sofas are elegant and luxurious, giving people a feeling of elegance and nobility: the sofas made of burlap and corduroy are thick, thick and simple. The high-quality leather sofa is soft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, strong and wear-resistant, and looks magnificent, so it is more textured and more graded than the fabric sofa, and the price is relatively high. Generally speaking, leather sofas are more durable than cloth sofas.

Two Seat Sofa Chair China

Two Seat Sofa Chair China

Round3. Maintenance comparison Now most of the fabric sofas are removable and washable design, if they are soiled, they can be removed and washed in a dry cleaner. The fabric sofa can be filled with summer mats in summer and warm mats in winter, and you can even buy an additional set of sofa covers for wheel washing. The leather sofa is much more expensive than the fabric sofa. It is necessary to wipe the maintenance wax and the detergent can not be used casually. And the leather is particularly afraid of scratches. The fabric sofa can be patched and patched. The leather sofa is really scratched.

Round4. Life comparison Although leather sofas are expensive and difficult to maintain, if properly maintained, relying on their own exquisite workmanship, the service life is higher than that of cloth sofa

The service life of the cloth sofa is indeed shorter than that of the leather sofa. Moreover, the fabric sofa has higher requirements for style, and it may not be popular in a few years. The leather sofa does not have to worry about this. The grade of the atmosphere is its basic attribute, and there is no need to worry about the outdated problem.

Round5. Comparison of comfort level Even if sitting for a long time in the same position as the fabric sofa, the buttocks rarely feel sultry and always feel more comfortable. In addition, the cloth sofa gives a warm and intimate feeling and helps to relax the nerves.

The leather sofa is soft in texture and comfortable to sit on. The leather can absorb the water vapor in the air and evaporate automatically. It has a breathable effect so that the sofa can not be affected by the climate, and it has a sense of warmth in winter and coolness in summer. This is also its highlight.

Regardless of whether it is a leather sofa or a fabric sofa, you must first look at the effect of the trial installation in your own home before buying ~