Classification of photo frames

Nov. 05, 2019

The photo frame is mainly used for the four-side positioning of the photo and enhances its aesthetics. It also helps to protect the quality of the photo. Like a photo frame with glass, it can prevent the photo from turning yellow. It is a decorative item.

Mirror photo frame supplier China introduces you to the classification of photo frames


Plastic photo frames are divided into many types, such as PS foam and PVC, PP and other materials injection molding. It is an organic matter. The weight is small, so you can make a large photo frame for easy carrying. PS frame material, the toughness is slightly weaker, and must be carefully broken when transporting. PVC, PP material, is a kind of mold molding, this material is light, toughness is better than PS, many styles and processes are not achieved by PS, and the price is relatively cheaper than PS.

Digital class

A digital photo frame is a photo frame that displays digital photos instead of paper photos. Digital photo frames are usually plugged into the camera's memory card to display photos. Of course, more digital photo frames will provide internal storage space for external memory card functions. The digital photo frame is a photo frame, but it is no longer displayed in the way of placing the photo, but through an LCD screen display, it can obtain photos from the SD card through the interface of the card reader, and set the way of cyclic display, giving digital photos a new display space.

Wooden class

Made of various kinds of wood, commonly used are paulownia, white wood, nanmu, pine and so on. The structure of the modern simple high quality wooden photo frame commonly found in the market is mainly flat wood.

The main uses of wooden frames are two:

1, Make decorative materials. For example, the decorative material of the ceiling can be used to cut the edge material of the corner wall. It can also be used for wall and door.

2, the outer packaging of the article, such as the border of the painting works, the border of the photo, the border of the mirror, and so on.

Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Aluminum alloy

The surface color of the aluminum alloy photo frame is processed by electroplating technology, and the colors are frosted, bright sandblasted, champagne sandblasted, and bright silver.


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, crystal photo frames are more and more popular with people because of their unique crystal clear and good visual effects.


The glass photo frame refers to the photo frame made of glass as the main body. The frame is a whole process of cutting, engraving, sand blasting, trimming, painting, polishing, etc. The mirror picture frame is colorful, noble and elegant, radiant and practical. Unique and rich in style and creative style.


Resin photo frame is made of resin as the main raw material and is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly chemical raw material. Its finished product has the strength of metal, also known as FRP. The surface of the resin photo frame has a hand-painted color effect, and the exterior engraving is handmade. It combines modern art and antique art, and is very suitable for use in living rooms, hotels, offices and other places. It not only has a decorative effect, but also reflects the owner's elegant taste.

Portrait hanging fan

The hanging fan with various portrait photos such as wedding photos, photo photos and children's photos is a subtle blend of modern imaging technology and ancient fan skills, adding a nostalgic atmosphere to the imaging industry.

Plant ecology

The so-called plant ecological photo frame is a creative handicraft that uses the magical "space plant" - air pineapple and natural mountain rock landscape.