Classification of candlesticks

Nov. 22, 2019

Candlesticks, as a kind of lighting tools, have a long history of development, especially in ancient times. With the development of society, candlesticks have gradually been replaced by more convenient lighting fixtures. At the same time, the candlestick is also transformed from a lighting function to a decorative function, especially for arranging some romantic scenes.

Classified by material

Candlesticks of different materials, candlesticks of different materials, with different decoration styles, the decoration style brought by them is completely different.

1. Metal candlestick. The wrought iron candlestick is popular among consumers for its unique old-fashioned style. The wrought iron candlestick can be combined with glass or other materials, and many decoration styles can be matched with wrought iron candlesticks. The wrought iron candlestick can be placed in many indoor spaces, adding a different sense of retro in the living room, adding a dining atmosphere to the restaurant, and adding a unique romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.

2. Glass candlesticks. Because of the material limitation, the glass candlestick is placed on the space where it is not often moved and does not block the space. The wedding glass candlestick can be combined with a circular geometric pattern such as a circle to design an exquisite curve. With sharply defined edges and corners, many glass candlesticks are now used in restaurants or bedrooms.

3. Ceramic candlesticks. The ceramic candlestick is a traditional candlestick. Nowadays, many ceramic candlesticks are brought into the modern way in the traditional way, making the ceramic candlesticks vivid and interesting on the shape. At present, many people choose ceramic candlesticks when purchasing candlesticks, but ceramics. The candlestick is the same as the glass candlestick, so be careful during use. Do not place it in a position that is easily touched when placed. Ceramic candlesticks can be placed in any space depending on the style of the candlestick.

Metal Candlestick

Metal Candlestick

Classified by style

In the old saying "a rat has broken a pot of soup", the style of the candlestick has such a big effect, and what kind of style must be distinguished.

1. European style. The European style crystal candlestick is characterized by inlaid workmanship. The contours and turning parts are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or curved surfaces. The whole structure is simple and smooth, giving the overall feeling of luxury and elegance, and is very solemn.

2. Chinese. The Chinese-style candlesticks are decorated with contrasting decorative materials, and many of them are mainly wooden candlesticks. The designed candlesticks are elegant and subtle, and they are elegant and vicissitudes. They give people an ancient and vicissitudes. The eyebrows are stained with thick dust and avant-garde. Although the aesthetically pleasing modern furniture is somewhat eclipsed, it can still be decorated with a high degree of subtlety.

3. Modern simplicity. Modern minimalist style candlestick This is the addition of European and Chinese style candlesticks. At present, many candlesticks are modern and simple, and the modern minimalist style is a simple design, which achieves a different design, but the requirements for color and material texture are The relatively high, and the design of the shape is very subtle, can achieve the effect of less wins, more simple and more complex.