Candlestick retain a romantic feeling

Oct. 25, 2019

Candlesticks, as the name implies, must be an instrument to be used with candles, which can illuminate the space for people to illuminate, and can be slightly modified to be used as a decoration for home decoration, such as crystal candlestick.

The candlestick is one of the ancient indoor lighting appliances. It is used to place items such as "candles", such as stone, metal, wood, etc., which can be roughly divided into fixed type and lift type.

As a lamp since ancient times, the candlestick has been developed for more than a thousand years. "The Songs of the South" quotes "there are many treasures in the room, and Lan Gaoming is able to prepare for the candle." Su Shi wrote in the poem "Haitang" that "only the night is afraid to sleep, so burn the high candle and red makeup", Li Shangyin’s "Night Rain Sends North" has a cloud "When is the total cut of the western window candle, but when the Bashan night rains."What is most familiar to me today is the phrase "Spring silkworms go to the old silk, and the wax torch begins to dry." As one of the main lamps used in ancient lighting, candles and candlesticks are indispensable in the life of the ancients.

The ancient candlesticks have candlesticks for cutting candles and waxing oil. The ancients paid great attention to the quality of life and created a variety of modeling techniques for candlesticks, either elegant or simple, large or small, and also available in copper, iron, tin, wood, and porcelain.

The use of candlesticks was seen in the Spring and Autumn Period. There were various kinds of refined metal candlesticks in the Warring States Period. When the Three Kingdoms and the Two Jin Dynasty were developed, with the development of porcelain making technology, porcelain candlesticks appeared, and there were many shapes, such as the sheep-shaped candlesticks in the Three Kingdoms. The lion-shaped candlesticks that are popular in the two Jins.

Gold Frame Candlestick

Gold Frame Candlestick

In the Southern and Northern Dynasties, the lotus-shaped candlesticks were popular, and the shape became more and more complicated. Some of the special bases were inverted lotus-shaped, with lotus ornaments on the outside, and horizontal strips on the upper plate. Four bamboo-shaped cups of the same size were placed on the plate. Insert several candles at the same time. The candlesticks in the Tang and Tang dynasties are beautifully carved. In the Ming Dynasty, the eight-party candlestick was prevailed, and the candlestick-shaped column on the candlestick was beautiful and generous, with high artistic value.

As a lighting fixture, the lamp is gradually becoming an indispensable item for activities such as sacrifices and celebrations in the long history. The "hole house candle" is probably the most beautiful imagination that people give to the candle. The mysterious, sweet, and happy feelings sprang from the four characters, giving people an infinitely beautiful space for imagination.

Today's candlesticks are more of an item for artists and life masters. From hand-made candlesticks to wooden, ceramic, and even beech-style candlesticks, square metal lantern candle holder, it's all about creativity. For those who love tea, the old-fashioned old candlestick is more in tune with the antique tea room and study. The retro and delicate candlestick can add some nostalgic style to the modern home. The simple and simple candlestick can also add life to the modern home. Using the wonderful shape of the candlestick and the beauty and aroma of the candlelight, the taste of the owner is often more prominent, or displayed in the On the shelf, it is well-placed, and it is also an elegant embellishment of a happy life.