Make candles the highlight of your wedding party

Aug. 01, 2019

Make candles the highlight of your wedding party, full of warmth to surprise guests.

Wedding party in addition to romantic, can also be appropriate to a little warmth, so how to make the whole atmosphere slightly warm feeling? In fact, in addition to some language transfer, the appropriate use of candles to decorate the scene can also,shared the wedding table metal candle holder supplier.

Use the candle lantern of this kind of metal to match candle, and deserve to go up woodiness desktop has the sense that restore ancient ways very much, and the light with tie-in candle faint can give a person sweet feeling.

wedding table metal candle holder supplier

The hollow metal candle holder is more simple and modern.

In addition to placing candles on the table, if you have enough space you can hang them from the roof like stars.

In addition, if you want a sense of design, you can use Wedding Gold Candelabra hold candles of different heights to create a visual effect.

Or it is to be able to add water among candlestick, such meeting when illuminant becomes twinkle, have clever feeling very much.

In addition, outdoor wedding party words can be candles and plants match, will be more fresh.

Have you learned how to decorate the candles for the party?