The beauty and the design of jewelry box

Jul. 20, 2019

The beauty and the design of jewelry box shared by a professional custom jewelry ring box supplier China.

When it comes to design, aesthetics cannot be avoided. From People's Daily life, labor products to the rich landscape of nature, there are a lot of aesthetic problems everywhere. It is the subject of aesthetic design to explore human behavior, daily utensils and production and living environment from the perspective of aesthetics and find their regularity.

Today, "design" is endowed with more extensive contents when it is used in the category of technical aesthetics and design aesthetics. We believe that "design" is a form of practice and a form of culture, which makes this term widely spread in people's life, industrial production, science and technology, environmental construction, culture and art, aesthetic research and other fields. Design has become a common aesthetic core concept and main research object combining technology and art, and a synonym for the important cultural creation behavior and its products in the plastic arts category. Here, we think it means "artistic design" alone.

First, jewelry box design is the solution to the problem

The application of scientific and technological civilization results in the optimization of human survival and living environment, to solve practical problems and make it aesthetic. Design and planning are indispensable in human production activities and daily life. By virtue of modeling ability, technical knowledge, experience and visual perception, the artist endows materials, structures, forms, colors, surface processing and decoration with new qualities and qualifications. Designers to packaging, publicity, display, market development and other issues to contribute their own knowledge and experience and visual evaluation ability.

Second, jewelry box design is an aesthetic activity

It's a creative activity. Its purpose is to form and adjust the spatial environment, in this process, to unify its functional and aesthetic aspects. Designers, as creators, gain aesthetic feelings in the process of pleasant creation, while consumers participate in aesthetic appreciation through the use of design products, and obtain material satisfaction and spiritual pleasure at the same time.

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Third, jewelry box design is the ubiquitous aesthetic form

Jewelry box design is presented in front of people in the form of objects, it USES a variety of technical means and artistic methods in accordance with the law of function and aesthetic law, in today's society into the information age in the process, has infiltrated into all areas of life. From bag carrying, living room, community to the whole city are all materialized forms of design. The unique expression form of design makes the theme of aesthetics more widely and deeply involved in people's life. It is the result of the application art expanding its scope and developing on the basis of industry. It is the result of aesthetics penetrating into the technical field and artists penetrating into production. Thus it can be seen that design is a comprehensive aesthetic form including material culture, spiritual culture and artistic culture.

Fourth, the design is to the idea satisfaction

Modern society emphasizes that everything is people-oriented. Design concerns have turned to the design of the relationship between people and things, the satisfaction of the design object, in essence, is the satisfaction of the concept. For example, transportation is the concept of time and space; Entertainment tools are consumption and psychological relaxation concepts." The idea of design itself contains the idea of aesthetics.

Design has many meanings and forms. Art design is a special form of aesthetic activity in People's Daily life and production, which belongs to a category of modern aesthetic system. Artistic design is not only a material activity but also a spiritual activity, which is an indispensable part of people's life. Only when the aesthetic elements in art design are extended to all artificial environments can we hope to live in an elegant and pleasant modern world.

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