Application of metal tray

Dec. 05, 2019

There are roughly two types of storage: one is closed storage, which is to store most of the items and put them in a frame, cabinet, or table. Anyway, it is invisible, so the whole house will look neat and bright. White space is enough. Conversely, open storage means that most items are displayed outside.

Compared with closed storage, open storage has the disadvantages of being messy and difficult to manage, but the advantage is that it can reflect the richness of the space and show the interest of the space owner. For those with a sundries, they prefer open storage. The custom metal tray is a powerful tool.

One of the big tricks of open storage is to focus the objects that are easily confused into geometric frames / color blocks, such as putting postcards and photos on the grid, putting tools and kitchen utensils on the hole board ... At the same time, it doesn't look messy and more convenient to take care of. That tray is a great place to store things.

The flexibility of the tray storage is very high. There are no specific rules. Basically, you look at it pleasingly and match your own style. The following large round metal tray suppliers list a few commonly used tray storage.

The tray on the dresser can be used to store combing supplies, perfume and jewelry, especially the latter two. Perfume and jewelry are beautiful things, and they can become other decorative objects in their own right. If put in a tray, it is easy to access and a bit more casual and delicate.

Here, I would like to particularly recommend the metal mirror tray, which is very suitable for storing metal and glass texture objects. The sense of extension of the mirror makes the jewelry more three-dimensional, and it also contrasts with the texture of the perfume bottle, making it more textured. In zara home, furniture stores like IKEA can be bought. If you can go to the vintage store or the market to find some exquisite old items, it would be better.

In addition, the tray can be turned into a mini wine cabinet, a miniature tea room, an aroma candle holder, a small plant view, etc. Depending on how you want to make it.

Metal Tray

Metal Tray

The conventional tray materials are metal, enamel, bamboo, rattan, synthetic materials, etc., but in the past two years because of the rise of marble, marble trays have also become popular and become the new favorite in the tray industry. Marble trays are placed on (large) hand-washing tables (large), (slightly larger) dressers, and table tops. Marble comes with exquisite, luxurious (expensive) attributes, so it will go well with your perfume, expensive skin care products, aromatherapy, and candles.