Advantages of Metal Trays

May. 09, 2020

Traditional wooden pallets play an important role in transportation. However, with the development of human society and the strengthening of the importance of environmental protection, its disadvantages and hazards become increasingly serious and eventually become an obstacle to the export of commodities. Because this is the time we are going to phase out wooden pallets, pallets (pallets) are going from the wooden age to the iron age. And plastic tray, paper tray because of its potential defects can only become

Transitional product. An ultra-light metal tray is our company's development of ecological transport, storage, packaging tray. It is made of stainless steel, 100% environmental protection, can be recycled in use, no waste of resources. Especially for export, don't need fumigation, high-temperature sterilization or anticorrosive processing, conform to the European Union, Canada, the United States issued to all from China into its goods packaging material requirements, our company provides different specifications of the stainless steel metal serving tray, it can be applied to all kinds of packing and transportation in the industry, especially in the export trade, more can show its advantages.

Metal Gift Tray

Metal Gift Tray

Advantages of metal trays:

1. Comply with international environmental regulations

The metal gold tray has been widely used in Europe and the United States, it avoids the fumigation treatment and quarantine of the wooden tray, which not only conforms to the environmental protection regulations of various countries in the world but also reduces the barrier of customs clearance. Wooden tray in the disinfection fumigation, the use of bromomethyl washing and sulfuryl fluoride, and other toxic drugs, not only harmful to the human body, more likely to affect the goods, but also need the forest to do the price.

2. Lightweight

The product is lightweight, easy to use, and economical to transport.

3. Stable packaging performance

When the paper tray is packed, if the bag is too tight, the paper tray will be deformed and the bag will relax. The metal tray will keep your goods in the most stable condition from start to finish.

4.100% recovery has recycling benefits

100% metal combination design, suitable for the recycling of metal recycling system, in addition, to pay no waste disposal fees, but also according to the recovery, price to bring business income.

5. Waterproof, moisture-proof and rustproof

Metal tray made of unique materials, in the high-temperature environment and the case of local rain, still not affected by any, and also suitable for refrigeration or freezer storage needs, rust life is close to stainless steel.

6. There are many advantages to being cheap

The price of a metal tray and art tray, paper tray. But have an art tray and paper tray less than the advantages.

7. Cut corners

Reasonable and safe design, eliminate edge and Angle, enhance the humanness of the human body.

Flexible 8.

The four-way insertion design virtually improves the convenience of space utilization and operation, and its sturdy base plate design is also in line with the use of conveyor rolling and automatic packaging systems.

9. Improve corporate image

Metal gift tray is reliable, safe, convenient, and beautiful, which can help you to improve your corporate image.

Reliability 10.

After the simulated transportation tests such as tilting anti-slip, vibration, and landing, there was no change before and after the cargo test.